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2/20/2017: Crash victim takes first steps toward reclaiming her life (York Dispatch)


2/18/2017: Devices help stroke patients regain hand, arm functionality (Sioux City Journal)


2/17/2017: Managing ADHD: A Personal Story (Canadian Family Magazine)


2/9/2017: Preemies bombarded with noise in first weeks of life (Health Day)

2/7/2017: New 2017 Regulations Affecting Allied Healthcare Therapists (MedTravelers)

2/6/2017: 5 things parents can do to boost a child’s self-esteem (Business Insider)

2/5/2017: OT Issues with Children and Autism (ModernMom)

2/4/2017: Sheep Teaches World that Sensory Kids Aren't Being B-a-a-a-d! (Frederick News-Post)

2/2/2017: New York’s Fastest-Growing Jobs in 2017 (

2/1/2017: Statford Friends School to adopt new curriculum (

2/1/2017: 100 Best Jobs for 2017 (U.S. News & World Report)

2/1/2017: Best Health Care Jobs for 2017 (U.S. News & World Report)

1/31/2017: The housing crunch for older adults nears (Realtor Magazine)

1/29/2017: For years doctors wrongly diagnosed these strange episodes as panic attacks (The Washington Post)

1/29/2017: Returning to work after a stroke (Safety & Health Magazine)

1/29/2017: How to build resilience when living with MS (Everyday Health)

1/27/2017: 10 High-Paying Jobs Where You Can Help Other People (The Toledo Blade)

1/26/2017: How to make mealtime more enjoyable for picky eaters (KTSU-TV Fox 13)

1/24/2017: The best jobs in America for 2017 (Glassdoor)


1/23/2017: Artist with paralysis paints Trump with her mouth (Elite Daily)


1/18/2017: How to keep Mom & Dad safe for winter driving (The Cape Gazette)


1/17/2017: 5 Tips for Practicing Yoga with Arthritis (U.S. News & World Report)


1/13/2017: Those seeking health care assistant positions can expect a range of options (Houston Chronicle)


1/13/2017: Cities of the Old (Politico)


1/11/2017: Addicts at Birth: Ocean View’s ‘tik babies’ (MSN)


1/9/2017: 8 signs your child may need occupational therapy (


1/3/2017: Can America’s aging stay in their homes? (MSN)


1/1/2017: Man recovering a year after his wife was told to plan his funeral (WIFR-TV CBS 23)

1/1/2017: Occupational therapist creates dance class for kids with special needs (The Augusta Chronicle)

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